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[Little Dotory] Bonbon-Cinamon


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::: GLiB  Ball Jointed  Doll series :::



          Bonbon - Cinnamon         

-  Basic set - 





Bonbon Head(no face up) +  Body (assembled) 
Life-like acrylic eyes(14mm, random color)

GLiB 6-7" wig (wig random) 

Doll pouch / Dotories Certificate 

Additional Tension line, S hook, Magnet

Please select the Doll Skin color and Body type!
Skin color : Natural skin or Snow white skin
Body type :Standard body (20.5cm) or Petit Body(18.5cm)
*Doll height is included the doll head.


*You can choose the basic face up and outfit in the options.

[Option  information]

  - Face up : Basic faceup - Cinnamon

  - Outfit set : Bonbon dress set (Dress / Skirt / Bloomer / Socks)


**If you want the the model set in the pictures, please select the Basic Full set doll.   

[Full set : model Detail]

Doll : Little Dotory Bonbon - cinnamon ( faceup : Cinnamon)

Skin color : Natural skin color

Body type : Standard body (20.5cm)

Eyes : Meister glass eyes 14mm Rosewood

Wig : 6-7" Baby twintail carrot

Outfit : Bonbon dress set (Dress / Skirt / Bloomer / Socks)

Shoes : 35mm Loafer pink

Doll Design : GLiB

Faceup : Estebebe

Outfit Design : GLiB


[Size information]

height : 20.5cm (inlcuding head)
head : 6.5"

eyes : 16mm
foot : 25mm (GLiB shoes size 35mm)

[Shipping way] 
EMS shipping only*
We need 14-30 days for preparing doll set from the payment date.

[Caution]  The doll is pre-order item, the order and option cannot be canceled and changed once the payment is made.

** Actual image can be different according to the monitor.








          Bonbon - Cinnamon         

-  Basic set - 


[ 娃娃组成 ]

BJD娃娃 : Little Dotories Bonbon (不包含化妆)   

颜色 : 自然(Natural) 或 美白(Snow White)

身体 : BeBe Body(20.5cm)或BeBe Petit Body(18.5cm) *娃娃身高包括娃娃头。

眼珠 : Life-like acrylic eyes 14mm  随机颜色)

头发 : 6-7" GLiB wig ( 随机) 

娃娃 / 娃娃案件 / 认证书

余量配件: tension line, S hook, 磁铁





** Full set:在包括"化妆/衣服/鞋袜/Glass eyes/ 头发"在图像中

[Full set :  Model Detail]

BJD娃娃 :  Little Dotory Bonbon (Cinnamon faceup) 

眼珠 14mm Meister Glass eyes Rosewood

头发 : 6-7" Baby twintail carrot 

衣服 : Bonbon dress set (Dress / Skirt / Bloomer / Socks)

 : 35mm Loafer Pink


 娃娃尺寸 ]
身高 : 20.5cm
头围 : 6.5"
脚长 : 25mm (GLiB's 35mm shoes)

[ 配送 ] 


[ 买家须知  & 温馨提示 ]

发货时间 14-30个工作日左右







[ 付款 ] 美元(US Dollar)

Credit card by Eximbay, Alipay, Paypal(支付宝)


Product Details
Product Name [Little Dotory] Bonbon-Cinamon
Price $210.00
Reward Points $2.10 (1%)
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