Loli Kitty Boy - costume

■ SIZE : 23cm Doll (Mini Apple Doll,  21 and 23cm doll size) 
■ COMPOSITION : Cape, blouse, shorts, kitty head dress, socks

★ Styling Tip 
Cute outfits for little boy or girl doll with lovely items.
Also you can have full costumed doll set in Apple doll category.

Please look for "Loli Kitty Boy" which is included doll, wig and shoes together.

Doll clothing of GLiB's original design with good quality.
Other coordinated items and doll are not included.

If you need your own design of doll clothing please send us email with design sketch or picture for mass production.  

You can select material for clothing. Please check our OEM Service menu for further information.

NOTICE : Color of the production through the screen can be slightly different from the actual color.