140mm Doll eyelash series - Volume 5mm

■ Eyelash length :  5mm

■ Eyelash slip length : 140mm
■ COLOR :  Black, Ash Blond


GLiB's professional doll eyelash series.

Double volume of eyelashes for doll.

The full length of the doll eyelash is 140mm, it is economic for applying several dolls with cutting eyelash according to doll eye sizes.

Please select the eyelash length according to your doll size and style.

4mm eyelash would fit for tiny size of dolls like 1/6doll, Pocket Fairy, Puki-Puki and Browny.
5mm eyelash would fit for 10mm-14mm size of dolls like Dotories, Dotories BeBe, HoneyDelf, YoSD and UNOA.



★ Styling Tip 
The modest type of doll eyelash.


 If you need your own design of doll eyelash please send us email with design sketch or picture for mass production.  Please check our OEM Service menu for further information.


NOTICE : Color of the production through the screen can be slightly different from the actual color.