* CoCo BeBe is 1/8BJD with 5-6" head with BeBe Body.

        CoCo - Byul        

Basic Full set

*EVENT :  by 31th August 2020

For celebrating the Dal & Byul, the additional 2 pairs of hand parts for the customers who purchase Dal&Byul together.




*Byul means star in Korean.


Doll :  Byul (Basic faceup)

Eyes: 12mm Meister Glass eyes Green

Wig : 5-6" Anne - Blond

Outfit : Blouse / Pleated skirt / Cape / Brief / socks

Shoes : 35mm Round shoes black 

Doll pouch / Dotories Certificate

Additional Tension line, S hook, Magnet

Please select the Doll Skin color and Body type!

Skin color : Natural skin or Snow white skin

Body type : BeBe body(19cm) or BeBe Petit Body(17.8cm)


Doll Design : GLiB

Faceup : Atelier OZ

Outfit Design : GLiB


[Size information]
height : 19cm
head : 5.5"
foot : 25mm (GLiB's 35mm shoes)

[Shipping way] 
Air registered or EMS shipping available*
We need 14-45 days for preparing doll set from the payment date.

[Caution]  The doll is pre-order item, the order and option cannot be canceled and changed once the payment is made.

** Actual image can be different according to the monitor.








        CoCo - Byul        

Basic Full set

*活动:~ 2020年8月31日






Full set:在包括"化妆/衣服/鞋袜/Glass eyes/ 头发"在图像中

[ 娃娃组成 ]

BJD娃娃 : CoCo Byul (Basic faceup)

眼珠 12mm Meister Glass eyes Green

头发 :5-6" Anne - Blond

衣服 : Blouse / Pleated skirt / Cape / Brief / socks

 : 35mm Round shoes black

娃娃 / 娃娃案件 / 认证书

余量配件: tension line, S hook, 磁铁


*不包含化妆、头发, 衣服及鞋袜



[ 配送 ] 
Air registered mail, EMS是可用的。


[ 买家须知  & 温馨提示 ]

发货时间 14-45个工作日左右







[ 付款 ] 美元(US Dollar)

Credit card by Eximbay, Alipay, Paypal(支付宝)