Daisy Head -  Basic faceup type  

Create Apple as your own style!


Apple Head is made of Resin as same as BJD.

It is designed to be assembled with Obitsu Jointed Body and create your own style of doll as you choose head type, body size, eyes and wigs.
This is the faceup Apple doll head by professional doll faceup designer.

You can also match up 3-4" wigs or 21/23cm  clothes or 25/30mm shoes in MUDOLL.

If you want Head and Body assembled type, please select the Apple doll Special set.

You can select the Apple doll(Faceup Head+Body+eyes)  with wig, outfit and shoes as your style.

Composition : 

     ▶ Apple head 1 piece  (Face up included)

     ▶ Head Case 

     ▶Certification card

*This is the Faceup head 1pc only, other parts in the images are not included.
Size spec :     

     ▶ Available Obitsu Body : 21/23 cm

      eye : 8 mm
      girth of head : 3.5"
      foot size : 25 mm (GLiB's 30 mm shoes)
      Doll design : GLiB

[Shipping way] 
EMS/Air registered shipping available*
We need 14 ~ 30 days for preparing doll set from the payment date.
[Apple doll] series are custom dolls which are available to new face up, changing eyes and wigs.  
The head is made of resin which is same material for general BJDs, so it is easy to do face up or custom the head.  
Please enjoy your own custom doll!

*The actual color and image can be differ from the screen.